September 30, 2011

Making the Rounds

Just like ESPN's 'Gameday' crew of Chris, Lee and Kirk there's a chance Celina, Texas offensive tackle Jake Raulerson will be 'comin' to your city'.

Though just a junior the 6-foot-5, 250-pound mutli-talented prospect is already considered one of the state's best, Raulerson made his mark on the recruiting scene over the summer becoming a staple at combines across the region earning 19 offers and never looking back.

That hard work over the summer is giving him a chance to live every recruits dream.

Austin? Been there.

College Station? Check.

Fayetteville? Done.

And the list goes on and on as he checks in on some of the country's finest institutions most recently in Norman to see the Sooners take on Missouri.

"It was a good game. It was a great atmosphere to be apart of I was glad we got there pretty early and we were able to tailgate and walk around seeing all the fans and everyone," said Raulerson.

"Then we got to go talk to the coaches and sit in coach Bob Stoops office and talk to him a little bit before he headed down to the field. It was a great trip in being able to talk to coach Stoops and coach Bruce Kittle. It was fun to be able to see that and it was a great trip."

The trip to Norman was also a chance to get a closer visit with the Sooners coaches and players unlike his previous visit to take part in the National UnderClassmen 'Ultimate 100' during July.

"Yes sir. Just getting to know them and talk to them more and more and just getting a feel for the team. We got to go in the locker room and they handed out game balls and were able to see what they say after the game and after a win like that," he said.

"Just getting to ask the guys about how the coaches are and what the dorms are like and what college life is like coming from a players perspective and what the workouts were like. They definitely work down there and it's definitely a great place to be and they're going to go far."

More surprisingly to him was the reaction of the Sooner fans that recognized the Lone Star State stud.

"A couple people yelled my name while I was walking down the street before the game and they had seen me on, actually. They were asking about me and we talked to them for a little bit. Then the entire student section was screaming at us when we walked by telling us to go to school there and that was pretty funny."

"Just getting to see how many people know you and you have no clue who they are. It was interesting to see all the characters that just know you and scream at you. All the student section was screaming and that was pretty cool."

With each trip bringing a different experience Raulerson says it's hard to say one has been better than the other or stood out from another.

"They're all different in their own way. I can't really like stat track them. You've got Austin the huge city, game day atmosphere and then you got College Station, which is kind of smaller then you got Norman with the small-town atmosphere. They are all great places and a great place to watch a game but they're all different in their own way. It was a great game and was great just to be able to walk around before the game and have all the fans screaming at you. It was a lot of fun," he said.

Just as active as he is on the field there's no rest for Raulerson off the field as he will head back onto the road after playing Lake Worth, Texas on Friday night.

"I'm going to go to the Florida-Alabama game this weekend. I kind of wanted to head out there because I know it's going to be a big game and I wanted to see a big game this weekend," laughed Raulerson.

"I kind of just try and take in the whole atmosphere at first you know then I'll watch the offensive and defensive lines just to see how they are and I'll just kind of watch the game as a whole but I also try and watch the individual positions. I'm just trying to take it all in right now."

But even as he spends his weekends in the nations best venues there's no mistake Raulerson has his eyes set on the main prize of a state championship as he says he won't be making any major decisions in the near future.

"I'm going to be just focusing on the football season right now and trying to win a state championship. That's really my main focus right now."

Following his visit to Gainesville this weekend Raulerson will be a lot closer to home next weekend when he visits the Cotton Bowl to see the edition No. 106 Red River Rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas.

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