November 8, 2012

Recruiting impact: Cal Week

The Oregon Ducks are highly selective and methodical when it comes to football recruiting. The speed the Duck offense shows on the field is the polar opposite from their approach to offering scholarships. Thus, when a player they offered commits to another team, it generally has a greater effect on their recruiting efforts than it would on the typical program.

This week the Ducks had a stake in two such decisions. One worked in their favor, the other did not. The first was the public decommitment from USC of the nation's No. 3-ranked safety, Max Redfield, who issued this statement on social media:

"For many different reasons I am choosing to decommit from USC and re-open recruiting. I am sorry to the people I might let down or hurt in this decision but it is a decision that is crucial for my future athletically, academically, and spiritually."

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