September 5, 2013

2016 Intro: Hussein Howe

North Carolina has been a school that has been on a role lately with some top running backs around the country, with the signing of T.J. Logan last year and with the recent commitment of Elijah Hood.

But that doesn't mean the coaching staff for the Tar Heels will stop there, as they have been hunting around for their next running back for the coming years.

Even though he might be a young gun in the state of Florida, North Carolina has had no problem with offering the running back from University Christian School in Hussein Howe, a 2016 running back that was able to display his talents early on ESPNU last weekend.

Tar Heel Illustrated has been the first to contact Howe, as North Carolina has been the only team so far to offer the young running back from Florida.

North Carolina is no stranger to Florida, yet alone Jacksonville, as they have made several trips down south to find some of the top talent in the state, most recently with the 2014 commitment from the same school in Josh Allen, a teammate of Howe.

Here is what Howe had to say about his trip to UNC and his latest recruitment.

When did UNC offer?

" Coach Disch and them were going to offer me. But they didn't make it official till I came down there for the summer."

When did you come down to UNC?

"I actually came down for the camp July 19th."

What has Coach Disch talked to you about?

"I haven't talked to him too much but after the game, my coach and I were together and he just told me that I played a great game and every once in a while I hear from him."

What position would you be looking at to play in college?

"My main position is running back. If a college is recruiting me at the defensive position, I'm not really interested in that. All I want to play is running back in college and that's what I'm looking at. That is what UNC is recruiting me as."

What schools are showing interest in you?

"North Carolina, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Florida State, and Rutgers"

"UNC is the only offer on the table right now"

What have you and Josh Allen talked about with UNC?

"Well, Josh Allen and I, he is one of my favorite teammates. We actually went down to Carolina together when we visited. But he is a great player and the other day, we were talking about UNC and how I love it so much. When I went down there, it was great and I loved everything about it. It felt like home. I told him that UNC is really high on my list."

What stood out the most during your visit?

"The players that are down there, I know some of them, like Kendrick (Singleton?), he is from around Jacksonville, along with a few others. It just made me feel like home. The coaching staff is great, they just seem really cool.

How would you describe yourself as a player?

"I would describe myself as someone that can do everything. I can do everything on the field, run between the tackles and run the ball on the outside, something I had to do last weekend." "Most of the time, I like to run North and South, but I'm not one of the guys that will run you over, but I can make a few moves and keep the ball moving."

What college teams are you looking at to go to?

"Well, the school has to feel like home with a good coaching staff. The offense I would like to run is a pro-style offense or shotgun offense, something that I'm used to."

What are your goals for this year?

"My goal this year is to get over 2,000 yards rushing and get back to State; I'm just trying to win."

Are you planning any visits?

I haven't decided yet but in a couple of weeks I will decide. I would like to go to Georgia, Florida, and Alabama and check them out.

What is your timetable?

"Well, Josh preached to me to not rush anything. So, I haven't really decided yet."

It seems like the Tar Heels are starting early with the talent down in Florida.

Howe and University Christian School are currently coming off a 47-17 defeat, to the hands of a high profile Kentucky school in Highlands high school.

Even though University Christian had to abandon the run, Howe still displayed his ability to move the ball several times during the first half, allowing them to take a 17-0 lead before Highlands turned their offense on.

Either way, the Tar Heels seem to be in good condition with the stud running back from the sunshine state. Time will only tell though if they can stay in good words with the young man.

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