August 7, 2014

Vols looking for platoon of backs, competition on the rise

If anything, the last few years in the SEC has taught us one running back doesn't have to carry the squad anymore and the ideal backfield includes more than one player carrying the load.

Five teams finished averaging more than 200 yards per game last year on the ground in the SEC and all five had at least two major pieces to its backfield, if not three or four.

The top two rushing teams in the SEC last year, Auburn and Missouri, each had four players top the 600-yard mark and each had a marquee running back to go along with several good pieces.

Arkansas, who had two players rush for more than 900 yards. Alabama had a 1,200-yard rusher, as well as a nearly 700-yard rusher and a nearly 400-yard rusher.

LSU, who finished fifth in the league in yards gained on the ground, had four running backs play significant roles.

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