July 25, 2007

SEC Media Day Notebook

HOOVER, Ala. - Obviously, thwarting an attempted coup is never easy for a college coach.

For Auburn's Tommy Tuberville, the year after his attempted ouster, the Tigers went unbeaten and were arguably the best team in the country. This offseason has certainly been a rough one for Arkansas head coach Houston Nutt. After a summer of freedom of information requests, text message inquiries and intense scrutiny, Nutt said his team has used the controversy to help it grow.

"This was a totally different offseason, something I never experienced before in 26 years of coaching," Nutt said. "To have someone get so personal and to have so much written starting in your home state sending things to an editor, things that are starting to spread … it kept going and going. The toughest thing is your family. The reason you're able to go home at night and look your family in the eye is that they know the truth. Our players know the truth. That's why I'm still here today.

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