October 7, 2009

Talented tackle has early favorite after visits

Clarke Central offensive tackle Alan Posey is an imposing figure at six-foot-six and 300-pounds. The talented tackle is becoming one of the top offensive line targets for the 2011 class and he has already made trips to three of the top schools that recruit the state of Georgia. Posey has visited Auburn, Georgia and Georgia Tech since the beginning of the college football season and he has other visits planned for later this year.

"I have been taking some visits. Last week I was at Georgia and the week before I went to Georgia Tech," Posey said. "I was also at the Auburn-West Virginia game a few weeks ago. I am going to try to get up to Penn State some time."

Even though Posey is early in his process, the Auburn Tigers are sticking out to him.

"Right now I really like Auburn. I really enjoyed that visit and going to their game," Posey said. "UGA was pretty cool and I have been to a couple of games there before, so that was not anything new. It was a cool experience though being on the sidelines. Coach Jancek is recruiting me for Georgia, but I have talked to Coach Searels a lot."

Posey visited Georgia Tech for the North Carolina game with his teammates, athlete Martay Mattox another top 2011 prospect. The Georgia Tech campus environment really appealed to Posey, though he felt like he might be a little too tall for their system.

"I liked Georgia Tech, but I am afraid I might be a little too big to play in their offense. They seem to like smaller offensive tackles. It was a cool environment being right in the middle of the Atlanta, but it still has the college campus feel to it," Posey said. "I got a letter from them asking me to come to a game and I enjoyed checking it out."

Out of the three places he has visited so far, Auburn made the biggest impression on Posey.

"Auburn was really good and it was a lot of fun to go down there and hang with the coaches and stuff," Posey said. "Auburn has a great game day atmosphere. I grew up following Georgia, so it was kind of different rooting for Auburn at the game. Auburn also has a lot of upperclassmen on the line, so when I get there I would get a chance to play early. I really like the coaches and the campus set up."

One of the assistant coaches at his school is former Bulldog wide receiver Damien Gary. Gary was also a standout player at Clarke Central in the late 1990s. Posey says Gary has not really given him much advice on his recruiting so far and he is not pushing the Bulldogs on the mammoth tackle.

"Coach Gary has not really talked to me much about it other than to say they have good coaches there," Posey said. "I went over to UGA's spring practice with Coach Gary and that was pretty cool."

With Posey growing up a Georgia fan and living in Athens it would seem like the Bulldogs would be a slam-dunk for the talented tackle, but there is one problem. Posey wants to leave Athens for college.

"I want to get away from Athens, but I do not want to be too far away," Posey said. "I want to be able to come back for a visit and not be too isolated. That is another plus for Auburn or Georgia Tech."

Several other schools in the southeast are showing interest in Posey

"I started following Penn State a few years ago when they went to the Rose Bowl. It is something different besides the south," Posey said. "I have been getting letters from East Carolina, N.C. State, Duke, Colorado and I got one from Maryland today. I am hoping to hear from Kentucky because I camped up there. I talk to Trevino Woods at Kentucky sometimes who went to my high school and is there. We played together when I was a freshman."

Posey has travel plans for the rest of the college football season including a pair of SEC visits and he may make a trip up to State College later in the year.

"I am going to try and get to a couple more Auburn games in particular the Iron Bowl, a Penn State game and the Georgia game here against Auburn," Posey said. "Auburn is definitely my top team right now. I email coach Jeff Grimes there all the time."

Playing with his quarterback Martay Mattox is not a high priority for either player because they like prefer different conferences.

"Martay likes the ACC schools more and I prefer the SEC schools more," Posey said.

For now, Posey is focused on improving his football skills anyway he can including getting involved in other high school sports that will improve several areas of his game.

"I am going to wrestle this year so I need to get my weight down a little," Posey said. "I really need to work on my feet to get quicker and wrestling helps a lot with that, so I can play on the next level. I need to quicker and the wrestling also helps with my endurance."

Posey's 4-2 Gladiator squad is coming off a tough overtime loss to Rockdale County 26-23 last Friday and they will travel to Salem to face the 3-2 Seminoles on Friday night in Conyers.

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