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10 names to know this weekend

Several key prospects headed for Rocky Top tomorrow. We look at who Tennessee currently is in good shape with that they need to continue to build momentum with and some that Tennessee needs to have a big weekend with to become a longterm factor.

Nico is the diamond of the weekend and it’s not even close. He is coming to town for three full days as Tennessee will have a chance to really cement them selves with a legit opportunity to land his commitment sometime in the next couple of months. There has been a lot of chatter about Oregon but we do not believe that anything is done and this recruitment is wide open.

Setting up to be a Tennessee in Kentucky battle, Conyer is long and talented. In our talks with him it’s clear to see that he and his family are very comfortable with Josh Heupel and the Tennessee staff. He plays 7v7 with several players with deep Tennessee ties like Caleb Herring and others. This is a big weekend for the Vols in this recruitment.

The number one player in the state in our opinion, Herring has been favored for orange for quite a while. We expect him to take some more visits over the next month but that is purely window dressing in our opinion as the Riverdale standout continues to be the biggest key for this staff this spring.

Having played last season at just over 220 pounds, the Greenbrier Tennessee native has bulked up with his dad now helping lead the strength program at his high school. At 265 pounds, he recently tweeted a video of him squatting 455 pounds. Tennessee is joined by Kentucky and Ole Miss at the top for Robinson. He made it up to a game last fall and clearly really likes Rodney Garner. This will be a big weekend to help build momentum with him.

This is a big weekend for the Murfreesboro native. Playing on the same 7v7 team as Conyer and Herring, Brown seems to like Tennessee a good bit. There is plenty of orange in around Murfreesboro and he has been hearing about seeing him in orange the last several months. A relative newcomer to the recruiting scene, it will be interesting to see what his timeline becomes as he gets more traction.

The Georgia native will actually be in town today to see Rodney Garner and company. This is one of the visits that can help establish Tennessee as a threat to Searcy longterm.

The recruitment of Bishop is an odd one to me because he doesn’t have a ton of traction for a kid that ran for over 3000 yards in just 12 games last season. With that said, he does not take any trips and only camped at three schools last summer which could be the reason people are hesitant on him. That’s not a bad thing for Tennessee as the Vols clearly like Bishop.

The Alabama native is someone that Rodney Garner would love to land and he has put a good amount of time into him dating back to his time at Auburn. Garner was by to see Parker back in January and now Parker is returning the favor with his visit tomorrow.

With Tennessee trying to be a factor in the state of North Carolina on a more frequent basis, players like Jarrett would go along way to making that a reality. North Carolina, Clemson, Alabama and others are all in the mix. With questions surrounding the future of Mack Brown at North Carolina, players like Jarrett could be in play for other schools with North Carolina in their footprint.

Having seen Davis with my own eyes, it’s clear to see why he has been coveted by some of the top teams in the country. He’s big and physical while also showcasing length and athleticism. Holding onto him will be no easy task so the more you can get the Georgia native to campus, the better chance you will have to go wire the wire in this recruitment.