VolQuest - 2019 Positional Preview: TE
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2019 Positional Preview: TE


The Vols return Dominique Wood-Anderson, Austin Pope, Jacob Warren, Andrew Craig and Princeton Fant.

Wood-Anderson is the Vols most talented tight end and is expected to be one of offensive coordinator Jim Chaney’s biggest weapons this season. Wood-Anderson had 17 catches for 140 yards and 2 touchdowns a year ago. Wood-Anderson has also had one of the best off-seasons of any offensive player.

Pope was used more as an h-back a year ago. Pope had one catch a season ago playing in 11 games and starting two. Andrew Craig played in 11 games, while Jacob Warren redshirted. Princeton Fans played running back last year logging 3 carries before moving to tight end this off-season.


Tennessee signed two tight ends in Jackson Lowe and Sean Brown. Both are different body types weighing over 250 pounds. Signing both was a clear emphasis on getting bigger and more physical at the position.

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total number of catches from the tight end spot last season


number catches by Jim Chaney’s tight ends at Georgia last season


Tennessee record for catches by a tight end in a single season


Dominique Wood-Anderson is expected to be one of Chaney’s biggest weapons. The 265-pound tight end can flex out as a receiver. He can line up as a h-back or as a tight end.

Wood-Anderson is in a contract year and is much more motivated which is why he’s had one of the best off-seasons of anyone.

With six tight ends on the roster it’s a deep position in terms of bodies.


The biggest question mark surrounding the tight end position is can they be physical enough. Wood-Anderson might be one of the best two player makers on the team, but he’s not a very good blocker. Can he be more physical as a blocker in the run game?

Austin Pope is more physical but has battled back problems. Can he hold up? Jacob Warren is bigger, but isn’t as big as Jackson Lowe or Sean Brown.

Can the two freshman learn the offense quickly? Can they be physical blockers in the run game?

To improve in the run game, the tight end position must be more physical.