VolQuest - Breaking down the financials of Heupel's offensive staff
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Breaking down the financials of Heupel's offensive staff

Monday the University of Tennessee formally announced Josh Heupel’s first offensive coaching staff. It’s an offensive staff that has a Central Florida flare to it which is not surprising considering Heupel is his own play caller and offensive output have not been an issue for Heupel at any coaching stop including his time in Orlando with the Knights.

Offensive staff by the numbers
Coach Salary Contract expiration date

Alex Golesh, OC/TE


Jan. 31,2024

Glen Elarbee, OL


Jan 31, 2023

Jerry Mack, RB


Jan. 31, 2023

Joey Halzle


Jan. 31, 2023

Kodi Burns

$300,000 year 1

$425,000 year 2

**$125k retention bonus in December 2022

Feb. 28, 2023

Offensive coordinator Alex Golesh will also serve as the tight ends coach and he is the only offensive staff member on a three year contract. Golesh’s contract expires on Jan. 31, 2024. Golesh will make $750,000 a year.

Offensive line coach Glen Elarbee will make $750,000. Running backs coach Jerry Mack will make $400,000, quarterbacks coach Josh Halzle will make $350,000, and Kodi Burns will make $300,000 in year one. In year two he will make $425,000 and has a $125,000 retention bonus if he’s on staff at the end of the 2022 season.

If Tennessee were to terminate any of the staff members without cause then would be owed their monthly salary times the number of months remaining on their contract. There is mitigation or an off-set if a fired coach finds another job.

If a coach leaves for another job on his own then said coach would owe 50% of his monthly salary times number of months left on his contract if he left for another SEC school. It’s 25% of his salary if he left for a college job outside of the SEC or the NFL.

Here is a break down of the bonus structure for the assistants.

A maximum of one of the following

Bowl game 8.33%

New Years 6/CFP access game 12%

College football playoff semifinal 16%

A maximum of one of the following:

Appearing in the SEC Championship game 2%

Winning the SEC Championship game 4%

A maximum of one of the following:

Appearing in the CFP National Title game 2%

Winning the National Title 4%