VolQuest - Commitment Roundup: How the future fared
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Commitment Roundup: How the future fared

The Blue Devils returned after a two week bye to beat Edgewater 39-24. Bailey completed 13 of 26 passes for 280 yards and two scores.

Marietta's pass rusher helped stymie Edgewater in the red zone, as multiple stops in Blue Devils territory proved the difference in a two-score game.

McDaniel and St. John’s College had an open date

Hodge missed his third straight game due to injury in Maryville’s 49-19 win over Fulton High School

Robinson and Carver fell to Dothan High School 44-20

St. Frances Academy rolled past Venice 49-7. Bailey's stats were unavailable.

Lawrence had six tackles and a TFL in a win. He also had a catch for 31 yards.

Mays has a QB hurry and several key blocks on offense in a win over Brentwood Academy.

Hyatt caught 134 yards worth and two touchdowns in a win.

Williamson didn’t return texts this weekend.

Morrow was off this past week.

Green and Hutchinson took their first loss of the season this week, falling to Highland CC 29-27.