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Is Devin Bush ready for a return to Rocky Top?

New Orleans, Louisiana defensive back Devin Bush has been through the recruiting process and has narrowed things down.

Nearing a decision, LSU, Clemson and Tennessee are all poised to land the 4-star cornerback.

"All of those schools have great coaching staffs and I feel comfortable with them," Bush said. "The opportunity to play on the field as early as possible is something I'm looking for and something they have."

The home-state Tigers of LSU have several defensive backs committed in the 2019 class, but does that make him look at them any different compared to Tennessee and Clemson?

"They are a little bit behind Tennessee and Clemson right now," Bush said. "Each of those schools has a winning attitude. Tennessee has a new coaching staff and I feel like they are bringing a new energy to the team. Clemson has always been hype and they have always had a winning attitude. Overall it comes down to the relationship that I have with the coaches and how I feel because I'll be there several years. That and playing opportunity."

And the latter is something Tennessee offers in bunches with currently no defensive backs committed for 2019 and very little depth on the roster.

"Coach Pruitt is straight forward and all about his business when it's business time," Bush said.

"I think he is a great guy to learn from. Coach Fair, I talk to him a lot. He's a great guy and he played for Tennessee and in the league. He has experience to be a great DB coach. He would be great to learn from."

Bush has his eyes set on a set of Volunteers and a pair of Tigers.
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Bush visitsed Tennessee earlier this spring and what he found was something he didn't know Tennessee offered before he arrived on Rocky Top.

"Tradition," Bush said. "They run big on tradition and I didn't know that. I didn't know they have a whole state that is behind their back. I get a lot of love from Tennessee fans on twitter. I think that is great. It shows how passionate about Tennessee football they are."

Bush is long and athletic. He is a playmaker, but what is that the feels like he brings to the table?

"I'm a team player first," Bush said. "I'm always finding ways to help my teammates and make them better. I'm well rounded and level headed. I'm a hard worker and I always try to be the best in the weight room or on the field.

"I want to improve my leadership skills. I've been named a captain and I'm working on new ways to lead because every players has a different way of being led."

Bush hopes to take official visits to both Clemson and Tennessee coming out of the dead period with an ultimate goal of deciding soon.

"I'd like to come to a decision before my season starts," Bush said. "If that doesn't happen then sometime after the playoffs would be when I'll commit."

Rivals.com ranks Bush as a 4-star cornerback in the class of 2019.