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QB Chris Parson liked what he heard and saw in first Rocky Top visit

Brentwood, Tennessee (Ravenwood High School) class of 2023 quarterback Chris Parson made his first ever trip to Knoxville on Sunday to check out the Vols and the coaching staff made a huge impression

“After they offered me, it made it vital to come to Knoxville. It was my first time being there and it was an awesome day. I enjoyed it a lot. It was great getting to spent time with the coaches. It was awesome.”

When asked what he took away moved from his afternoon on Rocky Top, Parson said it was the relationship building.

“The conversations I had with the staff,” Parson said. “Being with coach Halzle was awesome. He and I watched film and talked football for over an hour. That was my favorite part of the day. Getting to understand their philosophy. Coach Heupel is known for having a high powered offense that puts points on the board. So just to see what they are all about and him explaining his philosophy to me and getting an understanding of the offense. Also realizing that some of the stuff they do in their offense I have already done in my high school career. The school I was at in Texas we ran a similar offense so I had an understanding of somethings and also I learned things today. I didn’t even camp and I learned a lot being with the coaches. That’s what I really enjoyed and I’m going to take a lot of things back to Ravenwood to implement into my game.”

Parson received the offer earlier in June after throwing for the staff in the mid-state.

“They started talking to my head coach when I first transferred back to Ravenwood. They let me know they wanted me to come camp in June. At first I was available with my schedule and all I had going on. They came to Nashville a couple of weeks ago for the mega-camp at Tennessee State. They got to see me throw in person in a little private session. The next day they extended the offer. It was cool to get the offer from the state school.”

Parson feels that it was his physical talent that prompted the offer as he can see himself in what Josh Heupel wants to do.

“My arm talent, the way I throw the ball,” Parson said of what Tennessee likes most about him. “They take some shots here and there and when they were able to come see me throw they were able to see my arm strength and the way I can drive the ball down the field. They showed me cut ups of when they were in Missouri with Drew Lock. They showed me what they were all about. I could see myself playing in this offense for sure. It was great.”

The 6-foot, 205 pound quarterback lived in Nashville before his parents were transferred to Texas for work. They transferred back to the mid-state in January and Parson enrolled back at Ravenwood.

Having settled in back in Nashville, Parson has spent the month of June everywhere but Nashville. Parson has been to Tennessee, Florida State, Kentucky, Miami, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Auburn and Georgia Tech to name a few.

“I really just wanted to showcase my talents. All the schools that I visited this June were schools I can see myself at. So I didn’t really just go somewhere to get an offer. I really wanted to go visit those schools because I could see myself playing there. I went and showcased my talents letting everyone know what I can do. I was also evaluating the schools and the coaches coaching. There was a lot I wanted to accomplish. It’s been hectic.”

Parson is planning on spending a good bit of July reassessing the last month. He said he will drop of top schools. It appears Tennessee will not only make the cut but will also possibly get a return trip from Parson sooner rather than later.

“They are in the mix for sure now. They are definitely going to be one of my top schools. Like I said I loved hearing about everything they are about. The relationships I built with the coaches it was awesome.

“It was my first time ever being in Knoxville and the first thing they showed me was Neyland Stadium and I was like wow. It was awesome to get a feel for Rocky Top and I will definitely be back. I’m actually going to try and come back in July and I will definitely be here for a game.”