VolQuest - Rocky Top Recruiting Reaction and Analysis
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Rocky Top Recruiting Reaction and Analysis

Tennessee hosted 13 visitors this weekend officially in Knoxville. Here is a look at the official visitors and a snippet of what they had to say after their visit.

Player Reax:

“It’s always great to be back on Rocky Top. It was a great time with all of the recruits.

““It’s always great to be back on Rocky Top. It was a great time with all of the recruits.”

“The vibe was great. A lot of these guys hadn’t met me in person. I was getting a lot of mixed emotions from some of the guys who only knew me from social media. I don’t consider myself to be a cocky guy. And it was good for them to meet me and see what I’m like.”

Quick Analysis: Nico spent a bunch of his weekend with Francis Mauigoa as both Samoan families were in town. He also continued his bond with the others players Tennessee hopes to have in the class including Ethan Davis and Nathan Leacock.

Player Reax:

"I did it for my mom’s birthday this weekend and I just felt like it was the right time.

"I had planned on committing this weekend and this weekend solidified it for me. It showed me how they take care of the players and I feel like I need to be around people that love you and show that they care about you."

Quick Analysis: Slaughter committed on Saturday after privately committing last month. This visit was more of a victory lap as Tennessee made him a priority and he returned the favor.

Player Reax: Conyer chose to not do interviews.

Quick Analysis: Tennessee exits the weekend with some momentum after Kentucky grabbed a little bit of it last weekend. He will announce his decision on July 3rd.

Player Reax:

"I felt like there was a real homey vibe here. I feel like I could play here one day.

“Tennessee is definitely up there. They got one of my visits so I’m heavily considering Tennessee.

“I want to make a decision before my season but if not that’s ok.”

Quick Analysis: Tennessee has become a sneaky contender for the Baton Rouge cornerback. Texas still has an official visit where they will host Matthews so that one will bare watching but the Vols are very much deep in this race.

Player Reax:

“I want coaches to be there outside of football. I think Coach Martinez is that type of guy.

“We spent a lot of time with Coach Heupel . We just talked about life the whole time. I spent a lot of time with the head coach.”

Quick Analysis: Tennessee and Florida are the top two in our opinion coming out of the weekend. A July decision is coming but when in July? Jackson has said late in the month but some around him would like to see it be sooner.

Player Reax:

“The coaches made me feel like family, the players made me feel like family. Most of the players on the roster at my position are leaving so it’s a great opportunity for me.

“I loved the energy from the players, how we connected. I’ve got to come back and see the game day energy. I can’t wait to see that.”

Quick Analysis: Weathersby seems to be getting closer to a decision and this weekend went well based off people we have spoken to. This will be his second time here over the last couple of months. The Vols are in an excellent spot leaving the weekend.

Player Reax:

“Knoxville is a great place. Great people, great coaching staff.

“I definitely enjoyed my time here. It left me with something to think about.

“I got a chance to spend a lot of time with Coach Heupel. He was with me almost every second of the day this whole trip.”

Quick Analysis: Osborne is closing in a decision privately. He will announce on August 25th between, Alabama, Clemson, Texas and Tennessee. He stressed it will be a family decision after talking when they return back home.

Player Reax:

“There’s a huge family vibe. The whole coaching staff is special, they’re all super fiery. They live you on the football field and off the football field.

“I’ve been here five times and feel like I’ve seen everything. I’ve seen all the glitter. This weekend I just wanted to see that family vibe and I saw it.”

Quick Analysis: Tennessee exits the weekend as the hands down leader for Telander. He has a great relationship with the entire staff. He is a big believer in Brian Jean Mary.

Player Reax:

“It was really good. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had on an OV I’ll say that.

“We went over the NFL side of it, how they’ve helped kids here get to the NFL without so much struggle.

“I’d say Tennessee is pretty high (on my list) right now. They’re one of the top competitors.”

Quick Analysis: The Vols exit the weekend in as good a shape as you can be in without Umarov committing. He told us he plans on a mid July decision and it’s hard to not like their position but Georgia can’t be discounted.

Player Reax:

“It was awesome, the whole visit. It started when they picked us up at the airport. I felt the energy, the love and the atmosphere.

“People around here love the Volunteers. Tennessee is like it’s own country. I loved seeing the support from the fan base.”

Quick Analysis: Francis will announce his decision on July 4th. This feels like Tennessee against USC. The family had a wonderful time on their visit which sets up well for the team in orange based off people we have spoken to after the visit.

Player Reax:

“I got to sit down with Coach Golesh and talk about how they’d use me in the offense.

“I wanted to see how they would use me in the offense which they showed me. I also wanted to get closer with Coach Heupel and Coach (Jerry) Mack.

“Tennessee made me feel like I was a big priority.”

Quick Analysis: Most continue to have Clemson and Auburn as the top two for Cobb but the Vols gave him something to think about. Tennessee likes him as a nice compliment to Will Stallings.

Player Reax:

"This weekend was a once in a lifetime weekend for sure. Just the opportunity to be with all the guys at one time. I don’t want to blow anybody up, but just stay tuned, we’re going to finish out the work.

"This weekend I got a chance to just really see how it is up here outside of football. I was able to sit back and enjoy the time being around all the players and seeing what they do, because that's going to be you next year."

Quick Analysis: Davis continues to shine as a cornerstone piece in the class. He gives the vibe of someone who is already on the team. His weekend was a big success.

Player Reax:

“Getting to be here for almost three days was a great experience. I had a lot of fun.

“I had great meetings with coach Golesh and Coach Pope talking about the offense. We talked about how they could develop me.”

Quick Analysis: Leacock loves him some Kelsey Pope and this weekend only strengthened that. He and Nico met in Las Vegas a couple weeks back and they spent more time together this weekend.. A decision from Leacock could come as early as July. The Vols strengthened their spot in our opinion.