Tyndall updates Hubbs status; Rocky Top draft news

Robert Hubbs being scratched from the Rocky Top League is far from a setback to his surgically repaired shoulder.
"We're going to keep him out as long as we need to just to make sure he stays 100 percent," Tennessee basketball coach Donnie Tyndall told reporters after the Rocky Top League draft Wednesday night at Doc's Sports Grill.
"He's doing all our workouts except anything we do with contact. He avoids the contact. But shooting, all the ball handling, all the skill development, he's been part of it."
Tyndall said Hubbs should be cleared fully and ready for contact in two to three weeks. The summer league, which Hubbs said he planned to play in during interviews on June 3, begins Monday at Knoxville Catholic and runs through July 2.
"I don't think it's a setback at all," Tyndall said. "I just think it's a natural progression. He hasn't been released. The doctors err on the cautious side, which is what I would want. I know that's what his family would want.
"No offense to the summer league, but it's certainly more important that he's healthy for our fall camp and as we move on through the summer league."
Hubbs underwent season-ending surgery on his left shoulder in January, repairing an injury that dated back to his prep days at Dyer County High School. He averaged 5.0 points and 18.3 minutes in 12 games, playing with a brace on the shoulder, before undergoing surgery.
"I think Robert is a pretty even-keel kid, as you probably know," Tyndall said. "So he doesn't seem to be too high or low, either way.
"I think he's going to trust our trainer and trust the doctors. Until he's told he can play with contact, he's not going to push the limits at all."
Tyndall stopped by the draft during the late rounds with his entire staff in tow, with each member shaking hands and introducing themselves to those in attendance.
"I've heard nothing but great things about this league over the years, how well it's ran," Tyndall said. "I think it's great all the way around, it really is."
More than anything it will be an chance for his pieced together roster to mesh, even if they're playing on different teams.
"We have eight newcomers and obviously only four returning players at this point," Tyndall said. "I think any time our guys can get out and play with referees and a little bit of structure, I know not a ton of defense will be played in the summer league, but I still think it's going to be a good environment. And good for our fans to get to know our newcomers as well."
Boo Jackson was the first overall pick Wednesday night, but Tyndall said if he had a pick, he know who he would take first.
"After a couple weeks of workouts, if I was one of the coaches drafting, certainly I would want to draft Willie Carmichael," he said. "He's a guy thats going to bring energy and physicality and toughness. And a guy that will rebound the ball."
Carmichael is a 6-foot-8, 210-pound freshman forward from Wekiva High School in Apopka, Fla.
"They'll be a bunch of guys wanting to score and shoot," Tyndall said. "He's a guy that will certainly try to do the dirty work."
Tyndall didn't have an update on the clearance of Tariq Owens and Eric McKnight, the two lone newcomers the Vols don't yet have on campus.
"We plan on both of these guys to be here for Summer 2," Tyndall said.
First Round
1. Boo Jackson (KNS)
2. Dominic James (Choice Spine)
3. Josh Richardson (Campus Lights)
4. Kevin Punter (Clancy's Tavern)
5. Wayne Chism (DeRoyal Industries)
6. Bobby Maze (Rice Buick)
Second Round
7. Detrick Mostella (Rice Buick)
8. Willie Carmichael (DeRoyal Industries)
9. Jabari McGhee (Clancy's Tavern)
10. Lester Wilson (Campus Lights)
11. Derek Reese (Choice Spine)
12. Cam Tatum (KNS)
Third Round
13. James Gallman (KNS)
14. Armani Moore (Choice Spine)
15. Demontre Edwards (Campus Lights)
16. Brandon Lopez (Clancy's Tavern)
17. Devon Baulkman (DeRoyal Industries)
18. Devin Schmidt (Rice Buick)
Fourth Round
19. Michael Blue (Rice Buick)
20. Addison Flynn (DeRoyal Industries)
21. Trey Suttles (Clancy's Tavern)
22. Greg Hernandez (Campus Lights)
23. Johnathan Adams (Choice Spine)
24. Kenny Hall (KNS)
Fifth Round
25. Ryan Westbrooks (KNS)
26. Jaumonee Byrd (Choice Spine)
27. Jon Higgins (Campus Lights)
28. Oscar Butler (Clancy' Tavern)
29. Greg Murphy (DeRoyal Industries)
30. Brandon Walters (Rice)
Sixth Round
31. Galen Campbell (Rice)
32. Jordan Hall (DeRoyal Industries)
33. Chase Mounce (Clancy's Tavern)
34. Quincy Scates (Campus Lights)
35. Rob Murphy (Choice Spine)
36. Brock Rowan (KNS)
Seventh Round
37. Corey Fagan (KNS)
38. Hunter Levoe (Choice Spine)
39. Christian Ford (Campus Lights)
40. Brandon Cole (Clancy's Tavern)
41. Darius Tomlin (DeRoyal Industries)
42. Ben Williamson (Rice)
Eighth Round
43. Spencer Shoffner (Rice)
44. Andre Wilson (DeRoyal Industries)
45. Jorden Williams (Clancy's Tavern)
46. Dustin Browner (Campus Lights)
47. Ryan Crowe (Choice Spine)
48.Dedrick Turner (KNS)
Ninth Round
49. Antonio Gardner (KNS)
50. Marcellus Roberts (Choice Spine)
51. Spencer Peake (Campus Lights)
52. Mason Fox (Clancy's Tavern)
53. Tyler Yoder (DeRoyal Industries)
54. Jay Cade (Rice)
Tenth Round
55. Brice Cusick (Rice)
56. Ivan Harden (DeRoyal Industries)
57. Isaac Merian (Clancy's Tavern)
58. Alan Holt (Campus Lights)
59. Andy Barnett (Choice Spine)
60. Jake Wright (KNS)