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What do we know about the Vols? Not a lot. Yet.

Wade Payne/AP
Wade Payne/AP

Here's what we know: Tennessee is 2-0 and the Vols are tough bunch having played two games in six days and doing it with very little rotation on the offensive and defensive lines.

We know Quinten Dormady is the Vols starting quarterback after gong 13-for-18 for 194 yards and two touchdowns. Dormady was far from perfect throwing a bad redzone interception in the 42-7 win over Indiana State, but he was more comfortable Saturday than he was Monday. And we know John Kelly is the most important player for the Vols.

But as the third week of the season and 'Florida week' officially starts, there may never have been a Gator week with so many more questions than answers for both teams.

First, the status of the game is a question as Hurricane Irma bears down on the State of Florida. Secondly, there is no Game 2 for the Gators to evaluate their improvement from an ugly offensive display in Jerry's World in Week 1 of the season against Michigan. An offense that produced a field goal in a 33-17 loss to the Wolverines. How many of the suspended players will return this week?

Then there's Tennessee. The Vols cruised to a 42-7 win Saturday afternoon. Winning was never a concern. Statistically, the Vols dominated. They held the Sycamores to 215 yards of offense. The didn't allow a third down conversion. Tennessee scored on special teams.

But the offense turned the football over twice and the Vols had four penalties in the first half. The defense looked slow at times on Saturday, allowing Indiana State to routinely get the edge on the jet sweeps. Maybe that was because so many in the front seven had logged 90 snaps six days earlier in Atlanta. Maybe it was Indiana State's shifts and formations.

We don't know.

The offensive front has yet to face a great pass rush. The secondary is untested. Defensive coordinator Bob Shoop has yet to call a blitz in 2017. Aaron Medley hasn't attempted a field goal.

The truth is no one knows how good the Vols are, including Butch Jones.

“The two type of offenses that we have went against have been exotic. They have been completely different,” Jones said.

“There are a lot of things of creating edges and shifts and motions that we have been through the last two games defensively. So I think that process is going to be on going. I like their resolve, their resiliency and their ability to work.

“We still have along ways to go with overall details. I do not like the turnovers. We have to get that corrected. I think the every down intensity, the ability to stay in the moment, the eye discipline, generating turnovers. There still some things we need to do much better in special teams. So it's a great win. As a coach you always look at the things you need to do to get better. We will go through this film with a fine tooth comb and look at everything.”

Next Saturday — if the game is played somewhere — Tennessee will be looking to go 3-0 for only the third time since divisional splits. They are looking for back-to-back wins over Florida for only the second time since 1992.

At 2-0, the Vols are where they are supposed to be, but now it's 'Florida week', and given all unknowns about the two rivals, we aren't sure where supposed to be really is.

We know it's going to be an interesting week, it always is.